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Marketboats Services

Marketboats Platform

Campaign and Lead System (CALS)

Our in-house platform provides complete transparency into campaign operations. It serves as the single source of truth for operations, communication, monitoring and analytics.

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Marketboats Advantage

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Marketboats Database Summary (60M+)

Vast database across industries, geographies and roles

Our 60 million-strong database offers rich information about high quality leads for a range of industries, markets and organizational roles

Rich, enhanced contact data

We partner with top B2B intent data providers and connect via API to enrich your contacts list with granular details that will help you personalize your sales pitch.

Intelligent account based marketing

The B2B purchase cycle is more complex today than ever before, typically involving between 6-15 stakeholders. We execute detailed stakeholder mapping to help you identify, evaluate, and target key decision makers in your must-have accounts.

Integrated multichannel marketing

Our content syndication services help you reach customers through their favorite marketing communication platform, including email, phone, or social media

Fast & accurate delivery of leads

Our fully automated process of contact discovery allows us to deliver customized, error-free contacts lists within 3 days, on average

State of the art tech platform

We are a pioneer in adopting a technology-first approach to top of the funnel lead management. Our state of the art lead management platform delivers accurate leads in the shortest possible turnaround time

Integrates with leading crms

Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading CRMs, ensuring a steady flow of verified sales and market qualified leads into your funnel

GDPR Compliant

We stay one step ahead of data privacy regulations worldwide by adopting GDPR best practices in data collection and use. This includes efforts to gather active consent through opt-ins, offering opt-outs, and maintaining transparency around the use of personal data

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