Trending Lead Generation Topics – May 2020

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible” – Pablo Picasso

We all have been forced to experience the great solitude, getting used to the new normal and questioning, ideating and innovating new ways of working.

Us content marketeers get the chance to see how this is panning out in the world of lead generation. What content is going places (even though we are not), what type of communication and branding are marketeers around the world employing to not only keep their existing customers engaged but also gain new prospects.

Our trending topics from May 2020 throw some interesting observations, but first the data….

Key Observations

  1. Content regarding “Employee Engagement” and “Remote Working” remain the most circulated for May 2020. Although the contribution has fallen as compared to April 2020 it still generated 23% of our leads
  2. The trending topics for May 2020 were as follows
    • “Transformation & Business Growth” contributed to 15% of our leads. Top trending topics within this area were “Supply Chain of the future” and “Digital Transformation”
    • “Brand and Product Awareness” saw the biggest growth as compared to April 2020 – Marketeers realize that this is not the time to sell but to build awareness on their offerings and the value it brings to emerging business models. Hence topics related to “Introduction to ….. “, “How to ….. (guides for a product)” or “Technology Trends… (in so and so area)” and even the “……. for dummies” have been getting maximum eyeballs
    • “Case Studies”, “Sales Enablement” and “Cloud Services & Infrastructure”
  3. and not so trending ones
    • Surprising but “Business Continuity”, “Business Productivity” & “Customer Engagement” and “Process Improvement” had less conversions in May.

Clearly, marketeers are focussing their content on the big transformations that the current times are forcing businesses to attempt rather than incremental gains. This was not the case in April where everyone was still treading cautiously. May seems to have brought in an air of boldness and decision making.

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